November 30, 2006 1:06am CST
anyone see a ghost? are they true?
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@bajojo (37)
• Philippines
13 Feb 09
I have seen ghosts of different children and a woman right here in our old house. I'll just give you one. I woke up 2 in the morning and I saw a boy working on the computer. Thinking it was my son, I scolded him for staying up too late. He just turned off the computer and without saying a word proceeded to the comfort room and never returned. I angrily called him several times but he never came out. To my surprise, I have my son beside me sound asleep, his clothes different from the boy that I just saw. I do believe that ghosts exists. As long as they don't hurt you or freak you out, there's nothing to be afraid of. I think the ghosts inside our house are friendly. They don't scare us.
@kp0007 (598)
• India
30 Nov 06
i have seen one. and do believe