How has meditation changed your life? True stories wanted please

United Kingdom
September 13, 2020 8:45am CST
Good Sunday afternoon to you all. As you have probably noticed I am in the midst of a chunk of posts on meditation. I know meditation isn't law of attraction, which many of you are here for, but it's such an effective tool and has so many benefits, it deserves a big mention. Right, so while I am working on another post, I am asking for the reader's input once again. So, if you do meditate already, then I have a question for all of you. I am looking for some willing people that would be willing to liaise with me and share your true story with me. In turn, I will be putting together the post based on the question. A true, readers, post, and the type that is loved! Okay, so the question I would like for people to consider is...' How did meditation change my life?' This could be anything and doesn't necessarily have to be obviously law of attraction based. If you would like to participate and pass on your story, just make a comment on here, and I will get back to as many as I can. I have done a few true story posts, and they have all been very popular, and so, I know this would not only be popular but would also help those that are maybe still umming and ahhing over getting the meditation bug Well, enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I certainly will :) Much love <3
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• Agra, India
13 Sep 20
I have tried so many times to meditate so as to calm my anxiety. But my super active mind never allows me to mediate at peace
@rhuenz (10645)
13 Sep 20
I never tried doing it yet,
• India
13 Sep 20
The whole thing is a spiritual experience