Your holidays: sea or mountain?

November 30, 2006 3:18am CST
No doubt. I prefer the sea... i love the sun!
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@maximax8 (29134)
• United Kingdom
10 Aug 11
I love to travel to a tropical location with palm fringed beaches. I adore looking around an old town and seeing the attractive looking buildings. I have climbed three mountains in my lifetime. I prefer a trip to the sea than the mountains. My 4 year old son is disabled and in a wheelchair.
@alberello (4755)
• Italy
9 Aug 11
Same for me .. also i prefer the sea !!
@mantis36 (4236)
• Philippines
24 Jul 11
i am a landscape oil painter... for me, it needs vicinity mountain and seaside in order to make the fields more beautiful.... don't forget to include trees as finishing touches..... but i love seas or oceans, it makes me feel hungry.... hungry for food (seafoods)
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
11 May 11
It's hard to choose between sea and mountains, but I know a place where the sea and the mountain is in a continuous and complete extension. It's Caspian Sea coast, the ports of Anzali and Astara - the north-west of Iran, Ramsar and up to Chalus and from there until Gorgan provinces in the north-east, where we saw stunning horse Turkamen ankles breed with finer than those of the ballerinas. When you're in front of the Caspian Sea, you think the waves come over you, ready to bury them in green. This sensation is due to the fact that you are "above sea level." There you can look great for a few seconds, and in an instant, you turn your head to look at the mountain. Today it is light green with silvery iridescence and light swinging in the quiet half leaden sky, stormy. If you head back looking at the mountain, covered with thick forests ... I see here and there are orchards of orange, tangerine and tea plantations in the hills stacked neatly tucked between the mountains though. Now orange flowers were shaken, but a mysterious odor sap still persist in the air. The hotel room terrace to sit is great, and I look over the border to monitor the waves that come to be strengthened. On the shore of the Caspian Sea you can feel at the same time, from season to season, the smell of resin of trees and water iodine smell, the smell of orange blossoms and the smell of salt-laden wind, stench and smell of the rice plantations, fish scales the smell of green tea leaves and the smell of rain. You can sit for hours on a rocky shore and watch the waves break, after a precise geometry. You do not get bored. Winds are warm and pleasant now, but over two months, summer will become almost entirely filled with hot and muggy. In winter, they wear a wet until you enter the bone marrow. Today I felt the wind passing through me, like not even exist. If I would have thrown on the rocky shore, I am convinced that I would have gone somewhere far away. devil.gif The Caspian Sea coast is worth living in March by the end of April and from September until mid-November. Caspian Sea, and everything around you it can not be described in words. You need to come and see. You need to come and to feel through every pore. smile.gif You must come and hear. I have a special relationship with Caspian, a kind of "love at first sight." I can not last more than three months without seeing one. There is something healing in the winds that sweep the shores and in its green color that I have not seen anywhere else ...
@jhawithu (1070)
• India
30 Nov 06
@dhitto (296)
• Indonesia
30 Nov 06
like you..sea too..thats where hot chicks in bikinis are.not in mountains.heheh