United States
September 12, 2006 10:50pm CST
should smoking be banned in public places? the law says that no man is to deny another man life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Well when someone is smoking in a resturant they are denying me my right to pursuit of happiness and they are subjecting me to cancer causing chemicals... If they want to rot thier own lungs thats thier decision not mine. With all the research done that proves this why wouldnt this be law? I also find it absurd when a resturant is non-smoking(good for them) but they allow smoking right outside the door!!! this defeats the whole purpose of a non smoking resturant when you have to walk through a cloud of cancer on entering or exiting the building, there should be some kind of halo around the side walk leading up to the door as well as the door... what do you think should resturants go to non-smoking or stay the way they are?
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@19670104 (84)
• South Africa
13 Sep 06
What gets to me is that the "smoking" Areas in Restaurants is always the nicest places to sit, and its also the coolest.. they must develop a tabacco or sigaret that will not smell then mabe us non smokers can also breath... :(
• United States
13 Sep 06
I no longer smoke and I thank god. But i also never smoked under others as it was my habit. I had no right to share it with others. i do understand your concern I also had the same issue the other day. This person smoked right behind me and blew it my way. When I moved away she followed right behind me. I never told her off because I new she was already dumb. But I would nto ban it as there would be so many stressed people in the public areas.