A phone video: Marco´s mother had surgery.

@marguicha (162410)
September 27, 2020 5:44pm CST
Marco´s mother, María, had hip replacement after many years of suffering. María finally did what she should have done before: take care of herself. She was ages with a cane while her husband gave their daughter a new car to go to the university. A couple of years ago Eduardo, her husband, had a vascular problem a he does not speak anymore. So María took over. She takes care of him, but now, at 80, she is starting to have a life. Eduardo told her not to have surgery as she was too old. Now her hip has been replced and she is at the hospital. Marco nade a call, a video one. he looks fine
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@LindaOHio (49289)
• United States
28 Sep
I'm glad she had her hip replaced. I had mine replaced a few years ago; and it is so much better.
@Nakitakona (36491)
• Philippines
28 Sep
Well that's good you have a video call with Marco.
@wolfgirl569 (33663)
• Marion, Ohio
28 Sep
Glad she finally did it.
@rakski (64446)
• Philippines
28 Sep
She could have been better if she had the surgery when she was younger