Omg My lot Has Changed

United States
October 11, 2020 1:32pm CST
It's been years since I posted up on this community, I'm m not sure why I stopped but a lot has changed, my lot has changed, Ive changed. So much has happened don't know where to begin but I'm a bit older & wiser now. My website has also changed and the focus is self improvement, fitness motivation, healing, enlightenment.
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@ckciasigurl (2081)
• Italy
15 Oct 20
hello welcome back i also just got back after 2 years take care
@Adie04 (17618)
12 Oct 20
Welcome back in mylot! I hope you stay here.
@dodo19 (46540)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
11 Oct 20
Welcome back! It has definitely changed over the years, but I'm sure you'll figure things out in no time.
• Santiago, Chile
11 Oct 20
Welcome back to mylot! Hopefully we can see you more often around!
@sophie09 (34373)
• Indonesia
11 Oct 20
hey welcome back! i hope you will enjoy your time here again
@LotusEyes (2517)
• India
11 Oct 20
Welcome back
@GoAskAlice (5809)
11 Oct 20
Welcome back! Please take the time to read the Guidelines and the Frequently Asked Questions pages, which you'll find very helpful in finding your way around. You'll find both of them (and other relevant information) under "Help" in the menu under your username.
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@CarolDM (204819)
• Nashville, Tennessee
11 Oct 20
Good to have you back.