can a non-degree holder person has the capacity to teach the English to online learners?

@chamae (33)
October 15, 2020 10:17am CST
It doesn't have to be a masteral degree holder for you to be able help someone to learn english as long as you have the heart to give your services thats fine... ENGLISH Is a fun language to learn.. A very important for everyone to learn Anyone could be a Teacher Most especially if you are confident to make the learner learn from you to be confident and believe of his or her abilities.. How about you? What you think of teaching english without masteral in english...
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@topffer (41239)
• France
15 Oct
I guess it depends of your country. In mine you need a master and a certificate of aptitude for teaching to teach a foreign language.
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@Adie04 (10998)
15 Oct
Actually those who understand the concept of english language can teach english. But unfortunately most parents and even the learners themselves want to see the competency of the educators through their certificate and experience.
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@nawala123 (20085)
• Indonesia
15 Oct
You can run your youtube english channel
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@MALUSE (62369)
• Germany
15 Oct
Thanks for deleting my comment!
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@Overflowing (3677)
it depends on the school requirements i guess
@Nakitakona (36323)
• Philippines
17 Oct
You said it right. Degree isn't a guarantee that a person could be a good English teacher. Non degree holder person could be an effective teacher and experience has shown it.
@Raine38 (9464)
• United States
16 Oct
Depends on what level of mastery or usage. A master's degree is always preferred, but not required. If one wants to learn English for use in casual conversation, then a master's degree, I think, is not necessary. But if you want proficiency in English for use in business, creative writing, writing for the academe, or journalism, then a master's degree will immensely help.
@stringer321 (5674)
• Kiryat Ata, Israel
15 Oct
It depends on the level. Beginers level I can easily teach. I know the active and passive form of many verbs, times, I just need some practice talking. Reading and writing I know well. There are many youtube videos that teach some aspects in English (like in many other languages).
@Janet357 (60543)
15 Oct
I agree. Even an undergrad can teach English.