comedians are said to be the loneliest people ever..And people who are rich are the happiest ones...

@chamae (33)
October 15, 2020 10:52am CST
Yes i can say coz I can call myself a jolly person make my friends happy and laugh out loud..i dont want see anybody worrying much or being sad coz I dont want them see whats truly inside my heart and about rich people they are not the happiest people in the world their in fact never contented at all...wanting for more but we cannot judge why they wanted for more coz infact there is something that people all need but rich people can't buy at all: TRUE HAPPINESS and that is GENUINE LOVE..
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@Overflowing (3677)
yes thats true
@db20747 (31224)
• Washington, District Of Columbia
15 Oct
Riches lead to problems! But some of those problems are good problems. Happy or rich? I'll take both!
@sharon6345 (251001)
• United States
15 Oct
Rich people know how fast they can lose it all. I would be thinking the same way about reserving my income.