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November 13, 2020 4:30pm CST
This year is a year of changes which some are good. I know two people that are already putting up their Christmas decorations. One lady put up a fall tree she called it. I have found it interesting some of the reactions to this. Personally, I have always felt it's your home your life I don't have the right to judge what traditions your family should follow. Still, some of the other family members have made snarky comments about it. I intentionally made a point of telling the lady with the fall tree how pretty I thought it was mainly because I did and to also let her know she had some support in her choice to celebrate how she wanted to. This year I'm going to be decorating in the Pagan fashion of Yule. Finding some mistletoe, which represented the feminine and fertility to the Druids and later good fortune. I'm going to make sure and have some candles lite to represent the eternal flame. I personally love history and finding out what other people's customs are. What are some of your holiday traditions? Do you plan to make any changes this year? Thanks for stopping by.
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@Fa_Maverick (6082)
• Australia
14 Nov
Christmas traditions hm well up until 2 years ago we would always put up our Christmas tree maybe a few days before Christmas though this changed as my father couldn't be bothered participating in the traditions before he left. We would also stay up late on Christmas eve to make a lemon cheese cake that tradition has actually persisted and so has sharing Christmas with extended family. It has changed a little with the inclusion of partners of cousins and changed venue but apart from that it is largely the same. we have also started spending boxing day at my aunts house
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@DianneN (212685)
• United States
17 Nov
Due to the pandemic, we will be skipping celebrating with our family. I celebrate Hanukkah and will continue the tradition with my husband and sending gifts to my sons, grandkids, and other family members. Thanksgiving is out. I never decorate my home anymore for any holiday. My decorator's work is the decoration.