The idea of ??the mirror

November 16, 2020 2:52am CST
this afternoon, when I look in the mirror. an idea ... design ... creativity ...home utility.I want to design a mirror. in that mirror pictures can be transformed. This mirror integrates touch switch, led light, moving image ... the job will be difficult. I make it and market it
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@Cheyee (8438)
• Pakanbaru, Indonesia
16 Nov 20
It does sound difficult. I hope you'll success
16 Nov 20
I believe I can do it. When it's finished I will send the video to you
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@MALUSE (69336)
• Germany
16 Nov 20
All the best with your idea!
16 Nov 20
thank you ! I think I'll spend some time on this idea
@eileenleyva (27630)
• Philippines
19 Nov 20
Quite interesting your idea of a mirror as house utility and decor at the same time. Please post picture of your design.
@nitsbubb (1303)
• Pune, India
18 Nov 20
"Difficult Should Be A Walk In A Park" - This is one of the famous dialogue of my favorite Tom Cruise movie - Can you guess it? I am sure you will succeed.
@Shivram59 (31021)
• India
17 Nov 20
@Alamnguyen Yours is a very good idea,but it is not going to bemail easy.Still I hope,you will create it.
@Nakitakona (56503)
• Philippines
17 Nov 20
You can do it in the far-advanced technology era. Good luck.