What is a 'real' job?

United States
November 25, 2020 7:50am CST
I only work part time at a grocery store deli and my fiance often tells me that this is not a real job, especially since I work random days and hours throughout the week. Some people at my work are full time and make this their only job for life I would consider it a real job for them. My fiance works in a manufacturing type job as a robotics welder and he thinks more blue collar hard labor type work is real work but then there's also white collar office people who I'm sure find their jobs real jobs. What do you consider a real job?
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@eileenleyva (27567)
• Philippines
25 Nov 20
A job is a work that pays you your wages. Whether white collar or blue collar, it's still a job.
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@Cheyee (8369)
• Pakanbaru, Indonesia
25 Nov 20
Agree. Big or small job is job.
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@Hannihar (128817)
• Israel
25 Nov 20
@BrittneeD I would not listen to your fiancee and I would say any job one works is a job. I cannot answer for others in what they say is a real job or not. I work online so I consider that work. I used to work outside of the home, but, it just did not work out so work online now. If one earns money I consider that a job real or otherwise.
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@prinzcy (32327)
• Malaysia
25 Nov 20
There's no such things as non real job. As long as it pays you, it is a real job. The term your fiance might be looking for might be stability. Such job at times can be more stable.
@BelleStarr (61051)
• United States
26 Nov 20
A real job is full time with benefits I guess but if you enjoy your job I Sure it feels real
@MALUSE (69433)
• Germany
25 Nov 20
Sorry, but what your fiance says is silly. There are white collar jobs and there are blue collar jobs. Both types are jobs: you work and are paid for what you do.
@hidvcmbr (249)
• Malta
25 Dec 20
For me, a real job is a job you can enjoy but also can fulfill your daily needs.