Different sleep schedules

United States
December 15, 2020 1:53am CST
Does anyone else's SO/husband get mad when you are not on the same sleep schedule?.... for years me and hubby went to bed at the same time because we didn't have kids and I didn't have a job so I would be on his schedule...but now we have totally different schedules because I don't work til 11 am and he starts at 4 am and we have kids now that have been staying up til almost 11 most nights and hubby gets up at 2:30 ... tonight after the kids were finally asleep and not making any noise I stayed up and started cleaning the house some because I have the day off and was still up when hubby got up waiting to do the dishes til after he leaves because I didn't want it to be too loud and he's pissed I didn't come to bed at all...he says the schedule difference is getting ridiculous and is probably going to be in a pissy mood all day now because I didn't lay in bed with him at all....why does it have to be such a big deal? Some days when I work and he has off he won't do a thing but drink beer not the exact same but I brought it up to him because that makes me mad but I don't make it a big deal.... Honestly nothing I say is going to make him be nicer today because that's just how he is and has always been..but just wanted to vent and ask if anyone else has issues like this??
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@jstory07 (132864)
• Roseburg, Oregon
15 Dec 20
My husband and I worked different schedules for years. We did not want anyone but us watching the children. So I went to work when he got home working until midnight. We made it work.
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@Cheyee (8369)
• Pakanbaru, Indonesia
15 Dec 20
My husband and I have different schedule. But I am the one who get mad because he sleep early, he often leaves me with kids. I am the one who sleep late and wake up early. He sleeps early and won't wake up until I told him to wake up. Lack of sleep makes me cranky.