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LET’S CRY FOR REVIVAL By :Gabriel E.O.F. Omoboriola Golden Verse: Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then is there no healing for the wound of my people? (Jeremiah 8:22) Introduction Permit me to bring the voice of revival lover to you first. “Every time God moved in any generation. It was because He rose up in response to the cry of men and women who despaired of their dryness and knocked until their ‘closed heaven’ give way. Closed heavens over a land is the bane of that land… Anyone who has walked diligently with God in the past several years would know that it has not been well with us, as the church in our generation. There have been several mercy drops here and there, which always ended in the dungeon of human manipulation. Several men of our day rose up on the wings of what would have been a sweeping revival, only to make a ‘name’ for themselves and to build ‘personality cults’ in the body of Christ’ – Gbile Akanni. ‘Now the devil has released more giant demons into the world – working through several means of technology to hold our world captive’. Obviously, everything is pointing to the same direction that our generation needs revival. We all know it that; it is NOT WELL with us in our generation. What we need is not mere modern Churches or ministries who will paint Christ as a man who has no standard of His to maintain: who only exists for the benefits of man, and who will bend to accommodate any compromise. What we need is not the prosperity gospel, which will always keep to the sinner and ignored Christian comfortable. Brethren, what we need is revival. This revival is not to be mistaken with our usual one-week or chain of days spiritual exercise. It is not all about the clapping and dancing of blind and deaf Christian in an expensive mansion. I mean the foundational restoration of the Church to the uncompromised biblical truth and ‘turning heart of men back to the old paths and the ancient landmarks’. Yes, I mean the preparation of the Bride for the Bridegroom – Christ, I mean divine visitation that will draw the scattered and dry bones together in the body of Christ. Brethren, if we are to cry and experience this revival, what is expected of us? 1. A COMPASSIONATE HEART (Neh. 1: 3-4, Jer. 9:1, Dan. 9: 1-3) A heart of compassion and love is the first pre-requisite for revival. Of course yes. For this revival to come, we need a compassionate heart for souls and the ridiculous state of the body of Christ. ‘God cannot commit revival into our hands, if all we wants was just to please ourselves, find fulfillment in ourselves and our ministries or make a name as ‘one in town’ whom God is using. From Genesis to the close of scripture, all those who are used by God to effect change or bring about revival; are men and women of compassion. ‘All who became custodians of a divine move and visitation were men with heart that burned and flowed out in love unto the lost humanity. 2. BOND SERVANT OF GOD (Rom. 1:1 Amp) As our compassionate heart plead and seek earnestly for this latter revival, we are going to see powerful anointing come on people. I strongly believe, this anointing will only be on those who have sold out themselves for God because it will take sold-out people to handle this kind of power coming with this revival. A bondservant is a willing slave bound to a master voluntarily. He has no will or time or property of his own but all he owns he willingly placed it at the feet of the master. This coming revival can only seek and enjoy by those who has finally sold themselves out to God, not to the things of the world. 3. A CLEAN VESSEL (Rom. 12:1, I Cor. 6: 19-20, 2 Cor. 6: 14-17) Just as we gather to cry for this latter revival, I hear wisdom saying: God is ready to pour out the oil of His revival but only in clean vessels. God expects all those who diligently seek for the outpouring of the latter revival body as a vessel of honour unto him. A person that has experienced new life in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17) and free from all manner of immoralities. Though, God is looking for those to use, he is not interested in the corrupted vessel. I mean those who have polluted themselves with the new wine of compromise and sin. Just as the saviour need to come to the world but only through a virgin; so also latter revival needs to come but only through clean vessel (I Kings 19:18). 4. A VIGILANT HEART (Matt. 24:42, 25: 1-13) Since the revival will not come with great fanfare or through Church tradition and ceremonies. Since it is not coming on decorated platforms and through human psychology. Since the revival will break forth a little company of seeking and praying men; we need to be very vigilant lest we miss the chariot of latter day revival. Daily, we need to keep a close watch at the tower with lamp and extra oil; lest we will only hear the sound or shadow of the chariot. After the outpouring of the revival, what are those things we should be careful of? a. SELFISH MOTIVE OR AMBITION (I Sam. 30:22) May I sound a very serious warning: you must watch your heart and see if there is selfishness; and if any, you need to purge them out lest it ends up destroying all the joy and aftermath of the revival. Don’t be one of the men of Belial. They will always keep others away when it comes to the dividends of the revival. In the presence of this dividend, they consider others as inferior to them and they believe they should take the lion share of this dividend. b. BUILDING SELF-EMPIRE (Gen. 11:4) Another thing you should avoid doing with the dividends of the latter revival is to build name for yourself; boldly written on your empire (so-called denomination). Where you display yourself on the TV screens, in print media, bill boards and not Jesus. Where you display your knowledge in ancient language – Hebrew, Latin, Greek … and also present yourself as the best miracle worker of the century. Be careful. CONCLUSION ‘Let me say here: it is a personal revival of individuals that culminates into a corporate revival in several lands. What we are seeking all over the nations can actually break forth, if each one of us gets kindled again … and your personal walk with God becomes revived. Don’t cry, except you have seen a need in your own life. If you don’t cry for a need for divine restoration of God’s power in your life, then you will only be making a foolish noise’!
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