Earnings for a friend

Commerce, Georgia
March 11, 2021 8:54am CST
I love my friends. I'm shaking like I had the St Vitus Dance, so this is taking a great effort to get a decent discussion written and posted. Anyway, being a nursing home resident, I have no other choice but to leave my earnings in the pot, so to speak. I hope that I can get earnings to a friend. Do you know if I can?
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• United States
11 Mar 21
There's only two ways I can think of. 1 you put your friends paypal email address in the payment field on mylot, that way it goes directly to them. 2 you let it go to your paypal and transfer it to her. The first might be the better option, especially if the second will interfere with your income requirements to stay in the nursing home. Though I don't think you'd earn enough here for that to matter either way.
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@JimBo452020 (51733)
• Montrose, Scotland
11 Mar 21
Well said AmberLynm
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@GoAskAlice (5827)
11 Mar 21
I concur with AmberLynn @ScribbledAdNauseum 's solution.
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• Commerce, Georgia
13 Mar 21
I like her number 1 best. I hope my friend will give me her email for it. I will try to do it right. I have Alzheimer's disease, not bad yet, but I find it hard to problem solve and follow steps to get things done.
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@jstory07 (129415)
• Roseburg, Oregon
11 Mar 21
Put the earning in a friends pay pal account and they can give you the cash.
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• Commerce, Georgia
16 Mar 21
No, I want to give it to a male friend who needs it.
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• Prairieville, Louisiana
30 Jun 21
How thoughtful wanting to give mylot money to your friend.
@Janet357 (76018)
11 Mar 21
amberlynn explained it well.
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@Robinhuut (469)
• Bogor, Indonesia
12 Mar 21
Good thingking
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@mosherii (1133)
23 Mar 21
Just add their paypal address instead of yours.