Sweetheart ( 2019) film review

Northampton, England
April 7, 2021 4:08am CST
My Rating *** Genre – Horror Run Time – 1 hr 22 Minutes. Certificate – PG 13 Country – U.S.A Awards – 1 Wins & 2 Nominations = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = So this month’s ‘Creature Feature’ is Sweetheart, a mid budget horror set on a South Sea Island paradise where a young backpacker type, Jenn (Kiersey Clemons), washes up on the sandy shore after a shipwreck. Disorientated and exhausted she discovers a fellow traveler further up the beach but sadly drowned. After a long walk to find out where she is and is there any help around it’s pretty clear she is on a small deserted island with no one else and needs to make a shelter and find food for the night. But she is not alone, the Moon silhouetting a foreboding vision of a creature arising from the ocean and heading for the beach. Terrified, Jenn takes evasive action, the beast prowling the island in the darkness looking for lunch. Surviving the first night the beast has gone for now as she plans her next hideout, just surviving a second night, only to be surprised again in a better way on day three with the arrival of her two friends from the wreck in the lifeboat, tired and hungry. But they don’t believe her story of the aquatic monster and her pleas for them all to leave in the lifeboat before nightfall, laughed off and ignored. Any good? It was one of those you don’t expect much of but its slightly different premise sets up an enjoyable monster horror. The monster coming at night suggest that script decision was more about saving money on special effects than aesthetics because the monster may not look so good in daylight. Kiersey Clemmons is good in the lead as the very modern day emancipated female we see in many movies these days. She tends to play sassy gay mixed race characters and fell in love with her stunt double, Ebony de le Haye, on this movie. The other cast members are just lunch for our monster. It’s one to look out for if you enjoy your horror or not and with just 68 pages of screenplay its dialogue light and so easy to flow with. It’s made good use of every dollar of its budget and original enough to earn a recommendation in what can be very cliché and samey genre in Hollywood. ===Cast=== Kiersey Clemons…..Jenn Emory Cohen…….. Lucas Hanna Mangan Lawrence…..Mia Andrew Crawford….. Creature Benedict…….. Samuel Brad ===RATINGS=== Imdb.com 5.8 /10.0 (64000 votes) Rottentomatos.com –% critic’s approval Metacritic.com – % critic’s approval ===Trailer===
Jenn finds herself completely alone on a small tropical island after her boat goes down. By day, every ounce of her strength, cunning, and courage is strained simply to find food, outlast the elements, and survive. But as the sun sets, Jenn's waking nightm
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9 Apr
That sounds really interesting. I love a good creature feature.