Praying Doesn't Make Things Happen (It Just Reminds You That they're Gonna Anyway)

@mythociate (18239)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April 7, 2021 7:09am CST
The 'reboot' of "One Day at a Time" ... it's good and funny and everything, but it's made me cry a couple times. And one of those times was when single-mom Penny confronts her old-school Cuban mother about 'going to church every Sunday.' Penny went as far as saying that she didn't even know if God exists, and that triggered mama Lydia: "I KNOW God exists; because I prayed for you everyday when you were stationed in Afghanistan, and he protected you!" I just lost it there, and so did Penny and Lydia, and they hugged in sympathy/celebration that 'whatever Authority there is' (call it Our Father's will, call it Luck) HAD 'protected' Penny that she could return and "captain" the family through going-on 4 seasons of modern life's clash against old traditions.
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@sharonelton (3086)
• Lichfield, England
9 Apr
It's wonderful to have God's protection.
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@mythociate (18239)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
9 Apr
And wonderful that we're allowed to call "good luck" whatever we want to ('God's Protection,' 'The Force,' 'Blessed Abundance' etc.)