A lot of what it's was going on since 2010 which partially happened this year

Pasay, Philippines
May 30, 2021 6:02am CST
One common thing that almost every one who knows me wish me of this: "You could have gone to college and graduate already..." But I can't. I didn't wish to be stuck in my father's dream of being a business tycoon whereas my heart lies in the field of journalism. (I hate math) The result? I'm here without that self-encouragement that I had before of pursuing to be an editor or sort of those professions in broadsheets (or even tabloid if it is the worst) To go on with my normal life; I thought: "If I can't get everything that I want--- since not of all the things we want are everything we need; at the very least I should consider getting the things that I really need" Besides; for me--- not everything in college is being taught. Yes; it will make ones mentally-advance among the others when it comes to resume, interviews and job offers. It will be waste of time for me to go getting my unwanted course and wasted two or four years of my life wallowing in self-pity. I remember my aunt right now. She is the perfect resemblance of a once perfect dream now being tattered by the bitter reality of poverty. She was also one of my best mentors in life. She taught me a lot in a different kind of thing. She went to one of the best college before. She is a Marketing graduate. She worked at two of the leading broadcasting company before. She lives with a Venti or two of Frappes once in a day. She has everything that she can spoil her heart off. I really look up at her as she is one of the big bosses which has all of the perfect aspects in life. She got attached a decade ago. Now she has kids. She still take it lightly and continue lavishing herself and the kids the suite life--- and everyone in the family remarks her as a "burn-out for a budget list"! Me as her niece I even spoke to her like a sister--- stop ripping off your means of living for all those trappings that you were doing before. Still considering the fact that she has the control of her life and her kids; I didn't argue with her. Until came that day. Her husband broke up with her and had an affair with another woman overseas. Finally the man gave up providing financial support. Her eldest stops going to school (whereas he has to because of his unusual condition) and her youngest got sick. She finally approached me with an angsty feeling and regret after loosing everything~~~ She's mad because me and my dad's family have no way of helping her back (since she was also helping me being here of what I have in a brutal corporate world right now) but she cannot blame me if I cannot help her right now. Apparently I need to deal personal agendas first. and that's what I'm about to do. The reason I had her here in my entry... is that whenever I think of need and wants~ it reminds me of this scenario. Of course we don't want to be caught up in a feeling of despair because we weren't able to do something about it in the first place. Don't get bankrupted. Financial literacy is important. Because in life; we have different investments. It can be family, friends, money, career. But as a whole (aside from financial literacy) we should have a strong foundation of personality development. So no matter what will happen you will know how to work for a solution without being a degree holder or anything. That will gain a good fruit and complete everything that we've "wanted" and "needed" for ourselves. In a simple term: practicality. This is the only thing that I have for in the first place. For me; it's my 'investment" It is never too early or late to consider such "unimportant for now" things like these. (or--- aside from saving the planet Earth idea, political views and such). Still we all have aspirations in the first place that needs money (not all of our aspirations but some; of course). If you seek financial freedom; start it from seed, nurture it and make it grow. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Disclaimer: another piece of my thoughts to look forward for-=-=-=-=-=-=- ---> Finish debts (already done for some and almost done for major ones) and refrain from getting one --- Planning ahead and consider important things --- Cuts back off for some minor celebs and all that get-togethers that requires shelling out. --- Investing in small sidelines (even at home) wishing of these???
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@mythociate (20869)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
31 May 21
When I was 14, I survived a Traumatic Brain-Injury. Whenever I think about choices I regret making in life, I usually use the TBI as an excuse. My lack of schooling is one of my biggest regrets. 'The excuse' is that I 'was' expecting a huge settlement from the injury (and 'still am' expecting; but not 'logically' (as I don't think we have anyone trying to find a way to win it now)---more 'subconsciously' ... the way I'm sure I'll 'go to Heaven when I die,' although I KNOW that "the part of me that goes to Heaven" is barely even RELATED to "me"). What I should've done is 'gotten a salaried job and--after that's going well-enough--go to one of those "schools for working adults."' (I wonder if there are any of those near you?)
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