Cosplay since 2010 before was cool (and all that jazzy memories)

Pasay, Philippines
June 1, 2021 8:54am CST
Funny to know if you got that special someone before who didn't appreciate you that much somebody turns back at you and apologize... But what's even funnnier is just when this someone ditch you; it made you more determinated to do better. It happened to me twice. I had a good friend before. He was a cosplayer. He dumped me after his mom found out that I am just a petty sales lady. He knows me already but trying to pleased his mom; of course he know it will be for the better if he won't see me again. He was the one why it made me move up as a Team Leader in Rice in a Box; handled trainees, inventories and sales sheets out of motivation to have something to slap on his face after he left me without saying anything; not even an e-mail. 3 years past; his GF emailed me at Friendster. She forward me one of the messages that I have sent to him before. I remembered it clearly; for I always rent a PC during my lunch breaks at work. I was flattered. Her GF wants to confront if I'm still connected with him. I did replied; "What for anyway? One thing for sure... I am flattered he still keeps it after all these years" I didn't blame him about his decision. It just so happened that I was upset. But it made me move from what I am. There might be people along the way that will hurt you deeply. But the fact that you can move on with a head up, go ahead with expectations that we can always look back at them and laugh; that we have take them lightly during the gloomy scenarios and mishaves. And yes~~~ we can always do that if you're not always thinking of yourself being stuck in a rut. Jojo~~~ don't take it as a discouragement. You need to grow up. Please shut up your mouth; do not brag on me yet on text until you've got postive results in those things that you're bragging on. Jaypee~~~ the last time we've talk was nice. go on with your studies in Advertising. Good thing we've listened to you mom Nere~~~ I know you're also affected. Don't worryabout me... Get (even) a small lift for yourself. To everyone who were also worried of what the heck that I'm doing in the wee hours in the office~~~ Thanks. Don't worry. Of course; it can't be help to be sad if you were rejected by someone; having regrets for the things that you didn't work or focus before. But helping yourself matters! For no one can help you during these times but YOURSELF! ... and you help yourself it will be so much rewarding; knowing that you know at your back you have those people who inspires you to make it (good or bad)~~ and the plot will thickens after you share the blessing with them afterwards!!!
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@Andini (2752)
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1 Jun 21
Wish you better sis