Que Pasa? Do You Know What It Means?

United States
November 30, 2006 1:47pm CST
I have always wanted to learn a different Language. I took Spanish in school but was never able to really speak it the way my friends did. I could never roll my R's. I love the language and was just curious. Do you know what Que Pasa means? Would you like to learn Spanish?
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• Singapore
3 Mar 07
Hi justcurios, I am singapurense - a new member. Please allow me share my two cents worth ;) 1) "Que pasa" should be written ¿Qué pasa? to be correct. 2) ¿Que pasa? means "What is happening?" or "What´s up?" in modern English. 3) "What happened?" would be "¿Qué pasó?" I am a Singaporean Chinese. I grew up in Singapore where Spanish was a language quite unheard of. I grew up with Mandarin and the English language. I learned my language in Chile actually while doing Christian missions - it was a very interesting period of my life. I would share more if you are interested in knowing more. I can help you with some Spanish if you need my help :)
@sedel1027 (17851)
• United States
30 Nov 06
I took Spanish in high school. I didn't really enjoy it. I took it because it was suppose to be easier than learning French or Latin. From what I remember "Que Pasa" means "What's up?"
• Canada
30 Nov 06
I took Spanish too when I was in College. I think "Que Pasa" means What Happenned?.