No light.

@Starkinds (32706)
June 11, 2021 3:51am CST
After every last 15 minutes, the light is coming out, it is getting hot from tomorrow, our inverter is bad, there are three fans running on the same inverter, so do not know when it will stop too, no confidence as the heat starts getting high. The light starts moving.
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@rakski (91982)
• Philippines
11 Jun
there was a sudden electricity interruption this after and boy it was so hot and uncomfortable
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@kobesbuddy (126384)
• East Tawas, Michigan
11 Jun
Our power went out last month, for a couple hours. It was terrible! A fan is necessary, during the hot weather:(
@arunima25 (59510)
• Bangalore, India
11 Jun
Oh! That would be bad especially in the summer. Hope the electricity is back. Any particular reason for the fluctuations??
@Rashnag (14428)
• Thane, India
11 Jun
Oh sorry to hear. I hope lights come soon at your place. Take care
@Gguusia (220)
• Poland
11 Jun
Everything breaks down over time and needs to be replaced.
@prashu228 (26679)
• India
11 Jun
It's gloomy here today but no signs of rain
@crossbones27 (37849)
• Redlands, California
11 Jun
I am Trying to think what could help that but have a feeling you know everything I will say. Piss on it, sorry bad joke when crap goes awry. See in my day that would be funny but now its so undignified.