Online Banking issue

@coolsite (329)
United States
June 11, 2021 9:56am CST
Recently I been contacted by Online banking and they offer to open a checking account with as little as $5.00 ,no fees and no minimum balance. Some of these banks never heard their name before and never so any advertising about them no where in the media. Are they safe? or I will kiss goodbye my initial deposit of $5.00
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• India
11 Jun
Why not try to visit their local branch and look them up online?
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• India
11 Jun
@coolsite See anybody even though who is online, will have to have one physical office for day-to-day operations. one at least, plus they claim they are a bank, so they should definitely have one at least. And a bank can't be started from a condo. Even amazon started from a garage and they had an initial address. Second phone no. is very much required for handling customer's issues. If you don't find anything, please don't waste $5 dollars.
@prinzcy (27611)
• Malaysia
11 Jun
Is there a reason that you're interested to open the account there?