Do you believe it is possible

November 30, 2006 7:04pm CST
To start a real and meaningful relationship with someone you met online? Do you not fear that they will continue with other women online while you are together? I think that it is nearly certain that some men will continue with women online behind your back as they get their ego boosted constantly from all the attention. It may be hard for them to give up.
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@Poison_Girl (4162)
• United States
1 Dec 06
I think it's possible. It's the exes that I don't trust. I'd go into detail about me and someone else that I trust completely, but I'd rather not.
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• Netherlands
1 Dec 06
My ex was like this. He moved accross the country to live with me then I find he is still online chatting it up with all sorts of women. When I confronted him he just lied about it and threw tantrums. I would get all kinds of hang up phone calls and once a women spoke to me. She wanted to know who I was because she was under the impression that he was single. When I told her who I was she apologised and told me all about his activities. She even sent me all the emails. When I showed him this he said he liked the attention it gave him and the ego strokes.... I kicked him out even though he wasn't meeting these people in real life. Lying about it was enough for me.
@bhbirdie6 (1769)
• United States
5 Dec 06
I don't think you can really have a good online relationship with someone. Think about why they're online. Most likely they are trying to hide something. It could be some personality defect... or the fact that they're married. I stay away.