Moderna 2nd Vaccine Today

@cool83 (3853)
Sri Lanka
August 27, 2021 12:18am CST
hi , Mylotters , how are you doing ? Today 27th August is my 2nd Moderna vaccine , After almost 31 days , really happy about that , how about your vaccination ? is it complete ?
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• Northampton, England
31 Aug
wise move
@allen0187 (54508)
• Philippines
27 Aug
Good for you. I'll be getting my secodn dose of Moderna on Sept. 9. Any side effects?
• India
27 Aug
Yes I am fully vaccinated. I hope you get it soon and stay fine and healthy
@maratai (8245)
• Indonesia
27 Aug
Congratulations. I hope you don't experience any side effects. Stay healthy
@arunima25 (66600)
• Bangalore, India
27 Aug
Congratulations! Now you are fully vaccinated. I had my first jab in August. I am due for the second one next month in September.
@Rashnag (21072)
• Surat, India
27 Aug
Congrats dear. I have taken my 2nd dose too of Covishield vaccine. Have a good day
• Pakistan
27 Aug
Still not.