Do you sell on Ebay ?

United States
November 30, 2006 9:49pm CST
and if so what do you sell ? and does it generate a steady income ?
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@Bettyann (2486)
• United States
1 Dec 06
no i don't sell on ebay
• United States
1 Dec 06
I do sell on ebay occasionally, but I really don't make much money on it. I just haven't found the right niche.
• United States
1 Dec 06
Yeah that's me too, I have sold a few things but would love to find something that sells really well.
@funnysis (2619)
• United States
19 Feb 07
I do not at the moment but I am thinking of taking it up as I have a bunch of stuff to go through and do something with,so I thought maybe some day I would start ebaying i have bought from ebay.I am learning little tips on how to do things like pictures and stuff.
• India
9 Jan 07
Ebay is the best selling website on the net.
@bombeirao (734)
• Brazil
7 Jan 07
I tried to make I register in cadastre it and I did not obtain, ai I do not have as to place nothing there
@chiyosan (30196)
• Philippines
7 Jan 07
no, i dont sell on ebay, and i do not even buy from it too. i think shipping costs too much.
@ossie16d (11826)
• Australia
7 Jan 07
No I haven't sold anything on eBay personally but did have a friend who sold a few things for me a couple of years ago. She was wanting to build up a business and I had some things that I didn't want or need anymore, so she did the honours of selling them. I think that some people do generate a steady income from selling on eBay but it is almost a full time job. That is fine is you have the products as well as the time and it does have the advantage of producing an income for those who are otherwise not employed. The daughter of a friend does sell stuff on eBay and she appears to generate a reasonable amount of money when averaged out over the year. She sells a wide variety of things and by selling on eBay it allows her to stay home with her young children. Personally selling is not for me, at least at this time, because we also like to travel and sometimes go away on the spur of the moment. That would not be possible if I was selling big time on eBay, and I know that I prefer the travelling.