Serious Question. What The Heck Is “Vegan Leather?”

October 5, 2021 12:47pm CST
“Vegan Leather,” two words I just heard for the first time on a daytime talk show. Sounds intriguing. Can my vegan friends, or those who know more about vegan life than I do, please tell me more a lot it. What is it? How is it created? How do we use it? How’s it similar and different from regular leather? My Dad sold traditional leather for oner 50 years, and our house was full of it. I love the smell!!!!! How does vegan leather smell?
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@owlwings (44027)
• Cambridge, England
5 Oct 21
It is what is otherwise known as 'faux leather'. It's often made of polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride but can also be made from pineapple leaves, apple peelings and other fruit waste and even cactus. These days, it's a lot more supple and durable than the polished cardboard which used to be passed off as 'leather' and can even be mistaken for the real thing. The smell of leather can even be manufactured!
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• Canada
6 Oct 21
That’s an amazing explanation, and now it makes sense to me. Thanks. That’s an amazing way to use fruit waste.
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• United States
8 Oct 21
The upside is that the quality has gotten to the point where top designers such as Stella McCartney use it. In her case, she uses a mushroom "leather." While eco-friendly faux leathers have emerged, it is still not the industry standard.
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@LeaPea2417 (35567)
• Toccoa, Georgia
5 Oct 21
I have no idea about Vegan Leather.
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@BarBaraPrz (40170)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
5 Oct 21
As I understand it, it's made from mycelium, which is part of the root structure of fungi.
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• Otsego, Michigan
27 Mar
I really don't know what vegan leather is either. I am pretty sure Leather can't be vegan. So Id like to know if you ever find out
@sarik1 (5970)
6 Oct 21
I have no idea.
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@JimBo452020 (42256)
• Montrose, Scotland
5 Oct 21
Vegan Leather. Haven't got the faintest idea. Saw Vegan Bacon though and tasted it They should call it something else Bacon it is not
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@RebeccasFarm (83981)
• Wheat Ridge, Colorado
5 Oct 21
Plastic? Um other than that it has to be fake. It cannot be leather for sure.
@Fleura (24157)
• United Kingdom
6 Oct 21
25 Oct 21
I don't know much about it other than it is supposed to be made from non-animal materials. Makes me think of fruit roll ups when I hear it. LOL.
@Synvan (8)
6 Oct 21
Vegan leather is made of synthetic materials, not afraid of rot, not easy to shape, the surface is good for water resistance, but synthetic leather is not resistant to high temperature and chemical resistance. Vegan Leather material has PU and PVC and many other types.