Hotel With Terrible Customer Service!

October 15, 2021 5:37pm CST
Well, so H. hotels has decided to only give us 30,000 H. Honors points, which pretty much means nothing, maybe it'll ALMOST cover a crappy location. That means we're out of pocket for the stay that didn't happen last Friday night at their Garden Inn Orlando location. We were at the PRIDE festival downtown all day. We came to the hotel a little after 4p.m. First we stopped at our car, which was in the valet lot. With my daughter's disabled parking permit in the window, with the car parked in the disabled spot. But she tripped and fell and scraped her knees because the valet had parked a car in the disabled striped area for safe access to the vehicle for the disabled person. We're hot and sweaty and ready to wash up and get some dinner, and use the pool after we eat. No soap in the room. No cups so my hubby could take his heart medicine. Okay well so we called down to the front desk. This should be easy to fix, right? You would think! V assured us someone would "be right up" with the soap and cups. We waited about 20 minutes and called again. V said the housekeeper does not understand English so he didn't know what we wanted and that's why we never got the items. She said they would "be right up". We waited about 25 more minutes. Nothing. At this point we still couldn't wash our hands after using the toilet. We couldn't have a drink of water. We were dehydrated and dirty and uncomfortable. We stopped downstairs because we were ready to go eat. We stopped at the front desk and spoke with S, the manager. He assured us that there would be soap and cups when we returned to our room after dinner. S wrote it down on a list and said he would tell the housekeeping to take care of it. We walked around about a half hour to a burger place, which is next do a drug store, but hey, S said the items would be in the room when we returned, right? The burger place was booked solid, so we headed back and found a place to eat. So half hour one way, sit down to eat, half hour back to the hotel. Up to the room. Do you think we had soap and cups? Of course not. And it's downtown and we don't know the area, and didn't see anywhere closer to the hotel to go buy some soap and pick up some cups, or we would have. So we are over it at this point. We went downstairs and S said that housekeeping has been "very busy" and that's why it was not done. By now it's about 9p.m. So five hours. Five hours and they can't figure out this simple problem. S went to the supply closet and handed us paper cups (okay thank you, finally) and DISH SOAP. A little bottle of liquid green dish soap. My kids both see dermatology for skin issues and I am NOT putting a dish soap that might contain borax on their skin instead of soap designed for human beings, not for DISHES. We said we want our money back because we are ready to leave. We are still dirty, we can't get washed, and it's getting later and later. We can't use the pool, which was part of why we got the hotel -- a shower after a long hot day and a pool. S looks at us incredulously and says, "Why can't you use the pool?" as if we're morons. I said, "Because we can't get CLEAN and we're not going in your pool sweaty and dirty, and then we're not getting out all covered in chlorine and unable to wash it off!" He said he could not refund our money, or even give us a partial refund. We had not even unpacked anything yet. We went back up to our room, and grabbed our one suitcase, and went downstairs to tell him we were leaving, and that H. corporate would hear about this. He did waive the valet parking fee. Well he should. They blocked in our car so that our disabled daughter tripped and fell, after all. So we're outside waiting for the valet to bring our car, and a guy comes out behind us and said he overheard and he said that he didn't have soap in his room either, but oh S and V up front, they are so good and will take care of you! That he came down "just a few minutes ago" to tell them and S HANDED HIM SOME SOAP. "They have it right there at the front desk." I have been emailing back and forth with H. corporate all week. First they offered 10,000 points. Then 20,000. They said that was their final offer. I said that was unacceptable because I paid for a one night stay for 2 adults and 2 children and I can't get a room for that amount of points anywhere in our area. So they agreed to 30,000 points. I looked around and I would need 58,000 to stay in that room again. I would need 50,000 to stay in another Hilton for 4 people near the Disney parks. 30,000 points does me no good. So the room cost us $250. That included breakfast for 4, which we never got to have. We booked through a travel site so I would have reported this is credit card fraud, but that site has actually been very nice to us from the time we called them from the hotel room to work the problem. No one would answer their calls at the hotel WHILE we were there. The travel site gave us a $50 voucher for future use, that very night. I had to fight all week with H. to get 30,000 points. This week during emails from the company, I was told they had run out of supplies. Then why was I told FOUR TIMES that it would be brought to my room if it was not in stock? How did the other guy get soap from the front desk hours after our initial request for soap? So then the emails said the hotel had offered us "shower gel" and so I should have accepted the shower gel. I said DISH SOAP is not shower gel! No one offered us shower gel. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, and writing negative reviews about our experience.
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@kaylachan (41440)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
16 Oct 21
Sorry to hear you had a bad time.
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16 Oct 21
Thank you.