@zebra2222 (5269)
United States
November 7, 2021 11:40pm CST
Smile brightly, Feel good about yourself, Enjoy your friends one and all. Smile brightly, Bring joy and share your heart, Your day will shine as brightly as the sun. Smile brightly, Don't let your downs get in your way, The world needs optimistic souls.
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@Manasha (2728)
• Pondicherry, India
8 Nov 21
Yes, smile makes the difference for all of us
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@Shavkat (137321)
• Philippines
8 Nov 21
To smile can make a big difference.
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@Nawsheen (28643)
• Mauritius
8 Nov 21
A smile is a curve that sets everything straight
@jstory07 (135483)
• Roseburg, Oregon
8 Nov 21
The world needs more happy people in it.
@Janet357 (75651)
8 Nov 21
thanks for this sweet poem.
@Joshael (299)
• Nigeria
8 Nov 21
A smile can heal.