@zebra2222 (5269)
United States
November 9, 2021 8:49pm CST
Turkey Tubby looked around. Turkey Tubby made no sound. Farmer Jack had an ax. He planned a silent turkey attack. Turkey Tubby was no fool. He saw Farmer Jack And knew what to do. Turkey Tubby leaped up at Jack. The withered farmer fell on his back. The ax fell out of Jack's hand, And Turkey Tubby ran and ran. He went off the farm And never came back. Somewhere he's gobbling up A giant Big Mac.
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10 Nov 21
Maybe Farmer Jack has another turkey farm on the other end, so why waste time.
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@jstory07 (135435)
• Roseburg, Oregon
10 Nov 21
I am glad that Turkey Tubby was able to escape.