Self defense is not a crime.

United States
November 24, 2021 10:22pm CST
Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man, for which I am glad (frankly, the world is better off without the thugs who attacked him—at least one of them was a convicted pedophile, which apparently a lot of people don’t want to take into account). I believe he had every right to defend himself from his attackers, but if what I’m deducing from comments made on TV and certain social media sites is correct, some people think he should have just let himself be killed. Right. And let the criminals get away with something else. Nope. Kyle did what anyone would do in that situation when actual police weren’t allowed to do their jobs. He defended himself when it was clear that there was no other choice. This is not a crime, and thankfully the jury made the correct judgment.
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@Deepizzaguy (58262)
• Lake Charles, Louisiana
25 Nov
Defending yourself from being killed is not a crime. I just wonder when will people who defend criminals will get the message that we all have a right to defend ourselves when our lives are in danger?
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@Faster16 (1078)
• Indonesia
29 Nov
I agree, self-defense is not a crime
@just4him (258131)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
26 Nov
I don't know much about the case other than seeing him cry a lot when I saw him while working out at the YWCA.
@iKONICNoona (2591)
• Philippines
25 Nov
If I were on that situation too I will choose to defend myself and loved ones. We all have the right to live and its our right to fight for our lives over bad people. Yes we have the police and the justice system but what if in their absence no one would defend us? Who will do it? Self defense is not a crime. It is our right to our life.