Coffee is addicting

Surrey, British Columbia
December 1, 2021 11:11pm CST
I love the smell of a coffee and sips every morning , and before I became a coffee lover i never know how to brew coffee and I don’t k ow how did I go To no coffee at all into coffee addict I supposed haha Me and my husband’s favorite is the blonde roast true north Starbucks brand with cream . How about you ? My husband and I share about 20oz of coffee everyday but I’ll just have sips so roughly 95% of the cup content is what my husband consumes . We brew coffee every morning and I love the smell
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@Shavkat (129862)
• Philippines
2 Dec
I used to be a coffee lover
@Nawsheen (28782)
• Mauritius
2 Dec
Moccachino is my favorite
@TheSojourner (51556)
• United States
2 Dec
I love coffee. I drink mine black. And I typically drink the Starbucks Pike place roast, when I go there for my coffee. I brew my own at home, and I just bought a vintage coffee pot recently that I found. I've always enjoyed perked coffee, so I have an electric percolator now, as well as my Keurig and a small French press!
@Babino (5828)
• Morocco
2 Dec
I love the smell as well but unfortunately coffee gives me digestive problems so I almost never drink it.
@Faster16 (3082)
• Indonesia
2 Dec
coffee is good, as long as you don't overdo it
2 Dec
Yes, I love coffee cups too and would try and find one every single day. I wouldn't say that I am addicted but it's such a good way to start your day when you have had a good cuppa.
@sharon6345 (319255)
• United States
2 Dec
There is a place here that smells blocks away and I love it. Coffee for miles.