My best friend and I got a covid 19 test friday afternoon.

Prairieville, Louisiana
December 17, 2021 10:42pm CST
We were coming out of the grocery store and the trailer for testing was in fresh market parking lot.I told the lady that I was fully vaccinated but she said you can still get covid.The results will be texted to my phone 24-48 hours.We stuck swab in both nostrils.
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@ShyBear88 (59306)
• Sterling, Virginia
18 Dec 21
Yes she is right. You can still get Covid even with the vaccine if just helps lower the risk of how bad you will get Covid if you get and if your lucky have a weak strain of Covid. It’s like the flu shot it works the same way.
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@Babino (5761)
• Morocco
18 Dec 21
That's great !! Here in my country, we pay for tests, and it's quite expensive !! I hope it came out negative.
@kaylachan (59559)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
18 Dec 21
Yes, vaccines aren't a guarentee. Like anything they do have a failure rate. Fully vaccinated, you still have a nin to ten percent chance of catching it. However, unless you're activly displaying symptoms, you shouldn't wrecklessly get tested. Each tase becomes a case. And, they can produce false results and have failure rates, too.
@crossbones27 (48573)
• Mojave, California
18 Dec 21
I heard those nose swabs suck. I can see anti-vaxers fighting that more than anything because sure does look like it sucks. To bad that has nothing to do with anything meaning they just stirring up trouble and not being rational. We are getting our booster shot on Monday, supposedly. Supposed to be a walk in but brother and sister seem worried from the sound of things because walk ins seem to go wrong and why we usually make a appointment for anything. I am guessing that the people that are fully vaccinated are like they good and all the other people are like I got one and that was enough or I am not getting vaccinated at all. So they pretty slow and why they say walk ins welcome. They usually only want appointments when they really busy if you know what I mean.
@jstory07 (135483)
• Roseburg, Oregon
18 Dec 21
I hope your test is negative.