New Years Resolution (A Poem)

@zebra2222 (5269)
United States
December 28, 2021 6:26pm CST
New Year is coming. Time to make a resolution stick. But what shall I resolve to do? Better think of one quick. I promise not to procrastinate. On second thought, no way. I promise to go on a diet. Nah, I've tried it and went astray. I promise to save up money. Oh wait, I'm dead broke. I promise to give up smoking. Oh wait, I do not smoke. I promise to write to my dear cousin, But he's buried and in the grave. I promise to take a razor And finally have that shave. I promise to sing in the shower Where no one can hear my voice. I promise to make decisions, But it's hard to make a choice. I promise to play an instrument. Like that's ever going to occur. I promise to end cancer By discovering an unknown cure. Okay, I've made enough promises. They'll really never take place. So I'm gorging on cake and pie. I am a hopeless case.
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@askme123 (6150)
29 Dec 21
How come nothing about the pandemic.Should be first on the wish list to end this pandemic