What is the biggest raise you have got from work?

January 2, 2022 11:39am CST
I work in a hospital and we have not got a raise in a long time . 5 years or so. We just got a 10% pay increase after striking for weeks. It feels good to finally be able to pay all our bills for now.
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@JimBo452020 (52136)
• Montrose, Scotland
5 Jan 22
Once upon a time A really hot girl walked into my shop
• Philippines
3 Jan 22
I am almost there to get the salary that I am tithing for... but because of the pandemic it shrink back and I can't blame the company because we lost a lot. But before the year ends many blessings was poured out in our company and we are greatly blessed. Glory to God. I got a raised twice and its nice. Thankful to the Lord.
@dodo19 (46767)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
2 Jan 22
I'm glad to hear that you got a raise. I've never been in a place where I was able to get a raise. And I've only been at my current job for a few months, and even then I doubt I'll get a raise.
@Juliaacv (78101)
• Canada
2 Jan 22
I never held a position which had a bargain union. That is a long time to go without a raise, I am happy for you that you did receive such a good raise. I hope that it makes up for the time that you had to strike.
@DianneN (247305)
• United States
2 Jan 22
I’m retired, but our teacher contracts always provided for yearly raises, including my pension. 5 years to work without a raise is ridiculous! Glad you went on strike and received a raise.