Steelers Already Counting Themselves Out

Ben Rothlisberger
January 13, 2022 7:16am CST
No team that I have ever heard of has ever said that they were out of the play offs before they've even begun. The mantra for most teams is take it game by game and just win. You go in with a positive attitude and play your best. The Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, Ben Rothlisberger however has a different mindset. He stood in front of the press and said: "We don't have a chance. So let's just go in and play and have fun." Yes, everyone knows that you shouldn't actually be in the playoffs but the truth is that you ARE there. Yes, Kansas City is an awesome team and will have some of their weapons back by game time. Go in and have fun playing but never count yourself out until that clock hits zero. I don't even like the Steelers. I'm a Ravens fan, die-hard. I really hate the steelers qb but that's something else entirely. Never give up before the game has even started. That doesn't look good on you and how do you think that locker room is going to feel when they see that? Talk about a buzz kill. *picture from google **info from espn
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