A Segment from Soledad O'Brien's MATTER OF FACT reminds me of a Wisdom: ''Watch the truth change the facts!''

@mythociate (19684)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
January 13, 2022 10:56am CST
Soledad O'Brien ... she and her team present the news excellently, but--presenting one fact that goes against the truth, and then proceeding to treat that fact as if it IS the truth--they ... seem to be 'tricky' in the way they use the word "fact" in their name (the name implies that they are presenting "all the facts," but no ...) The fact(s) this segment presents: there are several upcoming bills in the legislature that are aiming to make voting 'better somehow' (easier, more convenient ... maybe you can provide a link in your response). That's after the several bills-become-laws that made voting 'worse.' The error in focus? Claiming that 'those laws' "endanger" Democracy, which the upcoming bills will "save." WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Our government is CHOSEN Democratically (or 'democracically' or whatever word works better there), and that is as far as 'Democracy' controls it (that, and there are sometimes State Questions and things that voters are asked to opine-on). It's true that 'changing rules for voters' affects "whom gets chosen to represent us in the government," but that is only ONE LITTLE SPARKLE of the whole FLOODLIGHT of Democracy (where we choose what we buy, what we sell, what we watch, what we show others, etc.-etc.) Maybe that's something like 'what Rudolph Giuliani meant' when he said "Truth is not Truth"---'true facts' (like the 'Truth' that voting for representative can be made easier or more-difficult) are not always 'crucial facts' (like the 'Truth' that people have more power than just "deciding who's in charge"). ('Watch the truth change the facts!' was the last line of an article somewhere, explaining how the truer facts can supersede the minor facts---that writer used the example of 'physical laws,' how the law of lift can supersede the law of gravity.)
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