Sad new but for good reason

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@ShyBear88 (50973)
United States
January 14, 2022 8:23am CST
We got a family message this morning for my father-in-law in a group chat. Of course it was and update and a long one. My husband grandma’s at home care nurse is leaving us for good. She went home to be with her family for 6 weeks and has no since been gone at the being of the month. Has finally told the family she knew the risk of returning wouldn’t be good. She had meet with lawyers before hand about the issue. So she would be stuck in her home land with family for now. She decided since she doesn’t know when she will be back and has some Heath issues and found some there that would help with her health issues that she is going to do so and retire for the family. We all wish her the best with her family and health. We are sad of the news since we all didn’t get to say good but. But thank you for her service to the family and the care she has done over the last 2 years with taking care my husband grandma. For now we have a family take care of her taking turns we hope in the next 6 weeks a replacement will be found and be 100% good fit for grandma.
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