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By C
@ShyBear88 (50973)
United States
January 14, 2022 8:48am CST
I don’t get to use this app that app. Last night I had to use it because my little guy couldn’t remember where he placed his itouch (he calls it his iPhone close but not the same). After he went to bed and I knew him and his siblings where a sleep. I opened my find me app. I left there find me apps open to connect to my iPhone. Now nobody else smart phone can connected to there itouches to find them. Since I’m the account holder I can see all other devices under my account. There itouches show up when I open my app including my phone. There show up as my name and itouch 1, 2 or 3. I knew where there older kids two where. So I just clicked the first one at the top. Luckily ir was my youngest. When you tap play sound as long as the thing has enough battery it’ll start making a very annoying sound. I found it in 2 minutes. Opened up his itouch to let my phone know it’s been phone and can stop setting off the sound.
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