My First Commission! Or... Not

Peoria, Arizona
January 15, 2022 2:32am CST
Okay... okay So I was going to make a post boasting about me getting my first art commission! I decided to branch out and open commissions drawing what is requested in my style. I haven't had the confidence in doing commissions, but I thought, what the heck! Let's see who will bite. I get my first client. he asks me what all I need and I tell him some reference pictures, props if wanted, idea of a background, a pose they had in mind. But if there are things they did not provide then I could just try something and see what they thought! So the first night, I did 2 rough sketches because I thought it would be nice to provide an option. They chose one of them. Next night, I did the outlining which took around 2 hours to do, I normally take 2 hours to complete a drawing, but since someone was going to be paying this I wanted to make sure I made no mistakes. I then sent it over to get their opinion and then discuss if they wanted any changes and then to the next process which is either make it black and white or color (color cost extra just because it is harder) Well, the person liked the outline and I asked alright, black and white or color, remember color is extra. They then provide, "I am still thinking about how I am supposed to pay you. I don't have a bank account" ...What? You are online and you don't have a bank account? So then I asked if they have a PayPal. They say they only have cash. Um... that's not how this works. It is an online transaction. I am online. You get the digital drawing. That's how this works. It is all online. Why order something if you don't have the money?!?! Hello?! So I told them that I will not finish the drawing until I know I am going to get paid. You see, I was going to get their option of black and white or color, and then show them with a watermark, they pay me and I give them the copy without a watermark. But...I am not going to waste my time coloring something if I am not going to get paid. I have things to do, I am busy. Why...order something...if you don't have....Money?!?! And this is another reason why I did not want to do commissions because scammers be scammers. Oh well, just gotta laugh it off.
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@Courtlynn (71953)
• United States
15 Jan
That stinks. Though i get them not having a bank account. I know many who don't, but go online lol
@soymex (719)
• Bucharest, Romania
15 Jan
There are all kinds of people trying to take advantage.
@jstory07 (114128)
• Roseburg, Oregon
15 Jan
You wasted your time which is not right.