weight loss

South Africa
January 25, 2022 3:43am CST
Ola, I had a baby in 2020 and I think it's time i start looking after myself. I haven't lost the weight i gained during my pregnancy and this is starting to affect my self-esteem. I would like to know what works and how I'd lose some weight, i don't even know how or where to start. NB: I'm still breastfeeding.
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@aureliah (24088)
• Kenya
25 Jan 22
Don't really stress yourself about the weight. Start slowly. Eat healthy foods, take lots of water and watch your portions. It works
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• South Africa
25 Jan 22
i try to not let it affect me, but there are those people who would just bring up your weight like "ohh you really gained a lot, you should lose". its always those comments that get to me, even my own mother sometimes makes remarks about it. its frustrating honestly.
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@aureliah (24088)
• Kenya
1 Feb 22
@MphoHlako I understand how frustrating it can be. If you want to lose some, go ahead and work on it religiously
@Spontaneo (14844)
• United States
29 Jan 22
I belong to a free fitness and nutrition website called Maybe you can join?
@Genipher (5408)
• United States
27 Jan 22
I had a baby in 2020, also. The weight just hasn't wanted to come off though, to be fair, I hadn't been trying very hard to do anything about it. Last week I got serious and started cutting back on grains. Lost 5 pounds but, you know, could just be water weight. I've also been fasting until noon.