Buying Leads

December 1, 2006 2:03am CST
Another thing I want to warn those who are into buying leads. There are several scams out there. Check out this email that I received : I just wanted to inform you that I had signed up with a web site called Critique Specialists. The web site in which I signed up under is no longer in operation because they have been "outed" as a scam operation. Here is the url: (they took it down after some of us starting spreading the word) I am sure they just made up another site under a different name. I was led to believe that my job was to help companys determine if their new sales people were doing their jobs correctly and to give feedback on them (you) and gave out my telephone number & e-mail addresses to you and wanted me to pretend to be interested in your business. After I received any calls, I was to email my "supervisor" with your name, the business you have, and details on the call. I was to note HOW you presented yourself. This was to make ME believe that this was a real work from home opportunity and was helping other company's train their new people and basically would be your "test Calls". I was supposed to be paid $2.00 for each "critique" I sent in. I was never paid, nor has anyone else who have been doing this. After some digging I then found this web site (I'm told they have several more): I am assuming that you signed up under this (or one like it) and paid their fee to get leads from people who were actually interested in working from home. If this is your case, I am writing this email to let you know that you too have been scammed by this company. The leads you received were not from people who emailed you asking for your information. The "Critique Specialist Manager" sent out all the "requesting info" emails to you using the email account they had us set up, with them knowing our passwords. We were told NOT to return ANY calls. We were told to keep the call under 5 minutes and to tell you that if we were interested that we would call YOU back and we weren't even allowed to do that. They didn't want us to like you and actually want to join your team, because in that case, we may actually get to you know you and let it slip about how we actually came to hear of your business. I personally am sorry that I fell for this scam and wasted any of your time. Just so you know, I never sent back one negative feedback, I personally thought each and every one of you did a fantastic job and a few almost even had me convinced, even though I was not actually interested and never would be. Thank you, April Mastella
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