How Do You Get Motivated?

By Neil
@Neil43 (3105)
March 13, 2022 5:07am CST
There are two kinds of motivation which are popularized by most behavioral theorists or behaviorists. One is the so-called intrinsic motivation, which comes from within your inner self. And the other is extrinsic motivation, which is drawn from outside forces. As far as I can see, getting an 1 rating is only a value added to your prioritizing of really learning more. After receiving that greatest compliment of that particular day it dawned to me he was right because when I do my readings I always wanted to really understand what I am reading. No matter how hard the literature is, I never forget the challenge of how I am going to make myself engage into it. From there I reckoned that must have been another one thing that describes the intrinsic nature of my motivation. I made use of my goal of getting the certificate in order for me to qualify for LET to get at the same time a full understanding every concept I am about to walk through. I don’t want to miss every single thing as much as possible so I always try to make an effort to be always on track and not to get derailed from every opportunity given in say forums or discussions or blogs. However, I feel like more often than not my every try is to no avail. Almost all of my co-teachers who are also teaching English have the license. Some of them if not hold a master degree are a doctor. Most of them have certifications that can back them up to the top management. The only edge I got is the longest experience in teaching I have amongst all of them. But how did I manage to excel in my performance? I guess this explains the extrinsic nature of the motivation I have in taking up PTC. I probably wanted to break even in order not to be branded as left behind. It sometimes makes me feel that’s already too late for to pursue my studies. At times I seem to have a lot of energy I feel so bored that I think I need to find ways how to be more pre-occupied. I really don’t know how much intrinsic or extrinsic the nature of my motivations to learn is. But one thing for sure there’s the drive the make me keep going. I want to make things clear and expound more by having dyadic assessment of my personal motivations. I need a partner for this. Anybody? I am not usually motivated when I receive bad comments and it just demotivates me. I don't know.
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@Janet357 (75775)
13 Mar 22
I motivate myself. No need to be motivated by others.
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@Neil43 (3105)
14 Mar 22
I totally agree with you.
@Aleskys (5889)
• Venezuela
13 Mar 22
You have the ideal to continue with the studies and that is that you already have reasons regardless of the nature of it to do so and that is what matters so go ahead.
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@Neil43 (3105)
13 Mar 22
Thanks a lot.