What is your Favorite Foods?

@cisco1 (539)
United States
December 1, 2006 3:20am CST
I like when my mom makes homemade Tortillas and home made Beans.. Yummy that is my favorite of all time. what is yours?
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@Padonba (687)
• Italy
1 Dec 06
I love Döner kebab Döner kebab, literally "rotating meat" in Turkish, is sliced lamb or chicken loaf which is slowly roasted on a vertical rotating spit. It is similar to gyros, shawarma, and Taco al pastor. Döner kebab is most popularly served in pita bread, as it is best known, with salad, but is also served in a dish with a salad and bread or French fries on the side, or used for Turkish pizzas called pide or "kebabpizza". Take-out döner kebab or shawarma restaurants are common in some parts of Europe. Döner Kebab is said to be the best-selling fast food in Germany and Poland, and comes close in the popularity stake-outs in France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Australia. Take-out gyros are quite popular in the United States, where beef and lamb are typically used. Shawarma is available in ethnic neighborhoods, but döner kebab is mostly unknown outside of large cities like New York City. Kebabs contain a variety of food groups: they have bread (cereals group), cabbage and lettuce (vegetables group), tomatoes (fruit group), creamy herb sauce (dairy group), oil (fat group), not to mention the döner meat (meat group); though one might consider the meat and vegetable groups misbalanced.
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@maddog108 (3440)
• Australia
1 Dec 06
i have many i like but i seem to eat fish chips and salad the most