Difficult to explain..

@Aleskys (5889)
March 16, 2022 8:18am CST
Maybe I don't explain myself well... But my mind and intellect tell me the opposite... There are people who find it difficult to understand others not so much, I lack the patience to explain or repeat the same thing over and over again... I admire teachers for their ability, patience and commitment to educate our children, it really is a very noble profession and that here in my country is little recognized, I hope that changes in the future..Do you have the patience to explain or teach?
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@Babino (5765)
• Morocco
16 Mar 22
I can explain something really well when needed !! But there's no way I'm going to do that every day to 20 students or more I do not have that kind of patience.
@Janet357 (75775)
16 Mar 22
I am patient to explain it to my students but to my co teachers, no.. Just lately, my staff just asked about something which i explained already an hour before she asked that
@Sojourn (13952)
• India
16 Mar 22
Depends on my mood, if I am in a good mood, patience comes to me naturally. But if in a bad mood, well, you can understand.