Climate Change ! Are you experiencing It?

Nairobi, Kenya
May 14, 2022 9:16am CST
Now it is supposed to be raining here as this is the time for rain. In some places upcountry, it is still rainng. But there is no sign of rain here. The rain stopped two weeks ago after a very short span of rain. It is feeling like summer here which is not usual. Are you experiencing something the same at your places too? Do you think climate change is real and you are experiencing the same?
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@marguicha (186187)
• Chile
14 May
We have been experienced a terrible drought here for several years
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• Nairobi, Kenya
14 May
That is so sad. Is the situation improving or not?
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@marguicha (186187)
• Chile
15 May
@ExplorewtMe No. I have bought water in bottles if I need to cook something some day and there is no water.
@moonandstars (57629)
• Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)
same here. i finaly had some small rain after 2 weeks. it is may but it feels like june/july. humid all the time.
@youless (107248)
• Guangzhou, China
16 May
I also find the weather has become weird. It is not as hot as before. And now it is already May, but suddenly today I have to wear more clothes I remember in the past it was hot summer already.
• Philippines
14 May
It is too obvious. we are destroying our planet. eventually destroying our lives.