Up To You

@eyzzat (313)
December 1, 2006 6:51am CST
Good info.. i got this from my friends.. he is spamming me.. One way or another, you will get something accomplished today. Exactly what you get accomplished is up to you. The hours of this day will go by, no matter what you do. What you get from them is up to you. The world is filled with challenges, frustrations, joys and opportunities. What you make of them is up to you. Some of the people around you will praise you and encourage you, others will curse you and oppose you, still others will ignore you. Yet the way you respond is completely up to you. You can hide away from life or you can dive into its glorious richness. Some people will help you, others will hurt you, yet no one can live your own unique life for you. The way you experience this priceless gift of life is now and always up to you.
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