Beaches in java island

By Isty
@Istycute (178)
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
July 20, 2022 8:45am CST
Beaches in Java island I will not talk about the beauty of beaches in Java, or beach street food in Java. But something that make me very sad. In the southern sea of ??Java there are frequent storms, very large waves like small tsunamis. Damage shop shops, beach chairs and tables. Last week. In the North Sea of ??Java, where the area is a port area and inhabited by many people. Now slowly the sea water began to rise, drowning many people's houses. Eventually the residents fled to other areas, and the area that was once a rural area with green rice fields turned into the sea.
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• China
20 Jul 22
Are disasters affecting all parts of the world? High temperature in Europe, floods in Asia
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@Istycute (178)
• Yogyakarta, Indonesia
21 Jul 22
Maybe like that.. Because of the global warming