The best way to avoid spam when joining new web sites

@crosschk (821)
United States
December 1, 2006 7:26am CST
A lot of times, when you join a web site, the owner of the website sells you email address to a marketer or spammer. It is annoying when your inbox is filled with dozens of useless ads for latest male enhancement drug, or nude pictures of someone on their web cam. Here is a simple way to avoid that. The first step it to get a domain of your own. They are fairly cheap you can get your own for around eight dollars a year. Godaddy and others make it realy cheap and easy to get a domain now a days. With the domain make sure you get at least one email address that is a “Catch All” address. A catch all address is and email address is that every email address not defined will go to. For example, if you have a catch all email address, every thing addressed to will go to this inbox. For the sake of argument, lets say there are no other addresses at this account. So now you send an email to The host will forward that email to the address. Pretty simple, right? offers this. I’m sure ioters out there do as well. So for every web site you join you can have a different email and still receive all of them in one inbox. Now you may be asking, how is that going to cut down on spam? He is part two. You need to get an email client, web or pc based, that has allows you to set filters. Once you have your client, you can set the filers by field. In this case you would make the filter sort by the “to” field. You can send all mail that comes to to the Cake sales folder in your email client. I use Gmail for this. Yahoo works was well but you only have 15 filters, unless you upgrade to a premium mail package, then you get 50. Now here is the fun part. Suppose you start getting too much spam sent to one address and the folder you created is filled with unwanted email. First of all, you know someone has sold your address and you can stop using that site or what ever. The next thing you do is change the filter to send all emails coming to that address to go right to the trash. You never see them and a part of your spam problem is solved What about paypal money coming from these sites? No problem, paypal allows multible addresses for the same account. So you can still get your money from different email addresses Tell me, was this helpful to you?
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