I Have Been Missing The Big Buddies

Redlands, California
August 6, 2022 10:59am CST
I needed you big buddy this little puppy been getting away with murder. The big female dogs finally took back the house and little puppy seems to finally have learned self awareness. It started with Kai going to protect our house from pigeons. That's right pigeons. Neighbor has them as pets and they must have got out or something. They just strolling down the alley. I love my dogs because they stop barking, oh these guys, they not a threat, they cool, hey little buddies, but Kai's bark made puppy reevaluate her place in life. Brooklyn got her zoomies on and just let loose on puppy. I told Delta the puppy you done messed up. You woke a sleeping giant. Puppy like screw these big dogs. I am going back to sleep. Life finally feels almost normal in this house anyway. Its amazing how one little puppy can create such change.
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