Do you use astrology as a dating tool?

United States
September 14, 2006 1:38am CST
I am a scorpio, in my experience, Gemini's and I , do not get along. Also, Pisces and I make more than a hot couple. So with that said, I look for Pisces, and steer clear of Gemini's. What do you think about this?
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@babray06 (1787)
• India
15 Sep 06
Astrology is a tool which can be used for some benefits in life. I don't deny that. But at the same time don't you feel it takes away your decision making ability from you and make you indecisive. What you have suggested is true yes you can do that. But I feel even sometime best calculations fail and you end up in the wrong side of life. Instead if you take your own decision and even after that you get unwanted results you feel as ahuman being you have done you job to the best possible abiilites and it gives you more experience.
@maryannemax (12168)
• Sweden
14 Sep 06
astrology readings--- i look at them as precautionary measures. they give us clues on who we will have a better life with. usually, it's not about craziness and stuffs like that. it's based on studies. and i, more or less believe in it. most of my friends don't really depend their whole lives in astrology readings just like me. but i take into considerations as well the facts and informations gathered for us by those who studied about it. well, just don't base everything on it. be cautious and be sensitive... love and let love find you.
@aindnow (165)
• India
14 Sep 06
Do you believe in that. I think you need a reality check and see to it that you should get a girl that matches with your charester and someone that you truly loves