what we can do to stop piracy?

September 14, 2006 4:06am CST
i am from india.in contries like india,piracy is very widespread.this is a major curse that there are pirated versions of each and every softwares and games available in public.we have to stop this trend.we have to think for news ideas.
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@krishna183 (2286)
• India
14 Sep 06
we should make it illegal to even buy pirated stuff .. as of now only distributing it is a crime .. if the buying was a crime .. no one wud dare to buy .. no one would care to sell .. simple solution
• Pakistan
14 Sep 06
piracy takes palce when the price of product is so high. if every one can get it very economically then y any one will pirate it. do u have that much income to buy a game for hundrads of dollers. offcourse every one does not have that buying power. so first of all the price of the peoducts should be lowered and then piracy should be curbed.